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Unlike other industry cross-over programs, AUSI has developed an open book approach to orientation. AUSI accepts that dive industry professionals are professionally trained and sees no need for cross-over candidates to undergo time consuming and expensive re-examination. AUSI believes that orientation to a new system of training is only fully understood after a professional has worked within the new system. It is however, necessary for industry professionals to have an understanding of AUSI's training philosophies before participating professionally in any aspect of the AUSI Training Systems, either AUSI Snorkelling or AUSI Scuba.

To gain an understanding of either AUSI System, diving professionals are required to carefully read the AUSI Definitions, AUSI Procedures, relevant AUSI Standards, relevant AUSI Teaching Guidelines, and relevant AUSI Course Notes including the AUSI Instructor Manual, and complete the relevant AUSI Workbook and AUSI Standards & Procedures Exam.

AUSI Cross-Over tasks are completed at your leisure!

For specific details of cross-over requirements click on the appropriate AUSI System: AUSI Snorkelling or AUSI Scuba.

How to complete a cross-over to AUSI:

  1. Check relevant prerequisites and certification requirements from either AUSI Snorkel Professional Cross-Over Registration requirements or AUSI Scuba Professional Cross-Over Registration requirements.
  2. Apply for the On-line Cross-Over by submitting the AUSI Cross-Over Application Form (this can also be submitted by Fax or E-mail: ) with:
    1. Appropriate non-refundable fee,
    2. Passport photograph, and
    3. Copies of relevant documentation.
  3. Upon confirmation of AUSI Cross-Over Registration, your AUSI Internet Registration will be upgraded to Instructor Status, allowing you to download all relevant AUSI files free of charge (hard copies can be purchased, see AUSI Price List).
  4. AUSI Head Office will forward relevant AUSI Workbook and AUSI Standards & Procedures Exam.
  5. For registration as an AUSI Professional submit, either electronically or by mail, completed relevant AUSI Workbook and AUSI Standards & Procedures Exam.
  6. Upon registration, AUSI will forward your AUSI Certification Card and Wall Certificate and, where relevant, rebate your cross-over fee with relevant AUSI Product, usually AUSI Certification Forms.
Note: If your AUSI Cross-Over is not completed within three months of application then your AUSI Internet Registration will be downgraded to Professional Visitor status and any fees paid will be be forfeit.
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